Meet our team

Lucy McLean

Founder & Director for York & Harrogate

Hannah Shelstone

Leeds Choir


Emily Hughes


Choir Director

A bit about Lucy...

Lucy is the choir's slightly bonkers CEO, Founder, Queen* & is also the director of the two York Choirs. Lucy started the choir in 2013 and since then it has gone from strength to strength. 

Lucy wanted to create a choir with a super fun atmosphere, where lots of giggles are had and anyone can come along! This community approach has been a big hit and despite being a 'casual' choir, they sound incredible! 

Lucy is also the highest qualified singing teacher in York. Every year Lucy takes exams, attends conferences and trains in one of the best singing techniques out there, all taught through IVA

(The Institute for Vocal Advancement).


A bit about Hannah...

Hannah is the director of the Leeds choir and has been part of Lucy's choir in York since the beginning. She is also a professional panda cuddler.*

Hannah has been doing a fab job of running the Leeds choir since it launched in 2017. The Chapel Allerton Choir is almost full so Hannah is launching a second Leeds Choir in January 2019!

Most of the time, Hannah works as an Occupational Therapist, but she loves singing so much that when she moved to Leeds and couldn't take choir with her, she was so upset that we decided she should start one there so she'd never have to miss out again! The rest, as they say, is history!

A bit about Emily...

Emily is Peterborough's choir director. She has been part of various choirs for many years and has always had a huge love for singing! She is also Lucy's sister, so you can be sure the slightly bonkers & hilarious shenanigans will continue! In her spare time she is also Batman.* 

Emily can recite Pi to almost 30 decimal places, but please don't hold that against her. Emily is a trained Maths teacher, but when offered the opportunity to start a choir in Peterborough, she just couldn't hold back! She's been loving the choir since it started in October 2017, so much so that she's even started a second night at the other side of the City! The Peterborough choir now has 2 nights to choose from!

*Some of this information may be slightly exaggerated / fabricated/ not entirely true.

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