What do our members say?

Below are what some of our members think. You can also check out our Facebook reviews here, and our google reviews here.

Holly Kiernan, York:

"Lucy is a brilliant choir leader, she's made Tuesdays one of the best days of the week! Bravo Lucy on creating something so fun and special, I'm sure we'll never want to leave!"

Alice Sanderson, York:

"I only joined last term and can safely say I love it! So friendly & the choir welcomed me with open arms!! Brilliant! Give it a try I'm sure you'll love it. Thank you Lucy!"

Karen Hickman, York:

"I’d been wanting to join a choir for ages but was never brave enough to do so, and didn’t even know if I could sing properly. So I was both pleased and petrified when my husband bought me a subscription to Lucy's Pop Choir for Christmas. I was quite nervous the first time I went, I didn’t know anybody and I didn’t join with a friend so I was on my own…but not for long!  The group were very welcoming and I very quickly made a few new friends, then I made a few more, and a few more.


I can honestly say joining this choir has given me so much. I’m making time for myself, rediscovering parts of my personality I had forgotten about,  and I’m having so much fun! I might not be a great singer, but I can sing, and I love singing. Singing with this group continues to inspire me and just makes me happy."

Rachel Harris, York:

"I was looking for a new hobby and found so much more than I ever imagined. Lovely people, lots of laughs and I get to sing fab songs arranged by the very talented but mad Lucy!"

Sarah Henshaw, York:

"A very relaxed and fun choir with a brilliant teacher and lots of friendly faces!"

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