What is Virtual Choir?

While we're unable to meet in person, virtual choir is our solution to make sure you can still get a weekly dose of fun, a sense of belonging and good old sing song! Virtual Choir will leave you feeling relaxed, de-stressed, happy and it's a great way to do something with your pals that you can chat about afterwards! 

Why should I join?

Lockdown has been stressful for many of us. Loneliness is rife, anxiety has sky rocketed and fear is overshadowing our thoughts. But, singing is a proven stress reliever, it's a natural antidepressant, it boosts your immune system and it just feels so gosh darn good, even if you're not a good singer!! 

So imagine yourself, dancing around your room, carefree, laughing, singing and having a great time. Isn't that a great picture? Don't you just need that right now? Well if you join us, that's what you'll get. 

Let us take your mind off everything, just for an hour, twice a week, and we promise to help get you through all this, together.

How does it work?

You'll get sent a link for 'Zoom', where you can register and join the meeting. You can choose to have your camera on or off, but you'll all stay muted because of the slight time delay on the internet. 

One of our super fun and friendly choir directors will teach you a song and you can join in from the comfort of your own home, with wine (or gin) and snacks. You can even wear your dressing gown if you like! 

How much is it?

Virtual Choir is £5 a week, but you can have a free trial if it's your first time.

How do I sign up?

There's 2 ways you can sign up. Either join our Facebook group, or join our mailing list! Simple as that. 

On the day of choir, we'll post a link to Zoom in the Facebook group and we'll email a link out. 

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